California’s Most Popular Competitions

Whatever kind of sport you prefer, California is likely a great place to take part


California is the fourth happiest state in the country. Considering that it is the third largest in the country by area, you can be certain people will find a huge range of fun activities that make them happy.[slideshow:102559]

So it’s not shocking to find out that the Golden State is ranked No. 2 in the emotional and physical well-being category.

Cali boasts a diverse and remarkable outdoorsy scene – hiking, biking, climbing, camping, swimming, surfing, and even skiing are all available. With nine national parks and hundreds of deep valleys, grand meadows, vast wilderness areas, waterfalls, caves and caverns, national historic trails and monuments, every day is an adventure day.

This is the state with the highest number of rock climbing, summer camps, and campgrounds throughout the country. San Francisco has the highest percentage of the population with walkable park access, 98.04 percent, and the highest number of bike-rental facilities per 100,000 residents, according to WalletHub.

It’s only natural then that California sport’s scene is home to world-class events that attract sporting enthusiasts and spectators from around the globe and with nearly twice as many professional teams as any other state.

Click here for 11 of the most popular competitions in California

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