The Best U.S. Cities to Escape the Snow

The U.S. is full of warm and sunny destinations


If the cold, snowy, and cloudy weather is your worst nightmare, and it makes you depressed and miserable, there is no need to fret; opportunities to escape the torturous weather are closer than you may think.[slideshow:97287]

When many of us think about escaping the winter we usually imagine leaving the country. While a tropical getaway in the Caribbean does sound incredible, and laying on the beach in Mexico does sound enticing, you may not have many days to travel, and such trip may be out of your price range. After all, visiting another country can cost a fortune.

The good news is that the U.S. is full of affordable sunny destinations. You can enjoy mild to warm temperatures and sunshine without having to travel far and break the bank.

Some cities like Miami and San Diego are best known for their sunshine and beaches, while other cities like Tucson and Las Vegas are well-known for their abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities.


The Best U.S. Cities to Escape the Snow


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