Best Beaches for Memorial Day Weekend

Mark the unofficial beginning of summer the best possible way


Memorial Day, a holiday to honor people who have died in service of the country, has become synonymous with two other important activities – shopping and hitting the beach.

From coast to coast people will be heading out in the sun, probably for the first time this year, to watch parades, air shows, barbecue and relax – all while being a few feet from a cooling swim in the sea, lake or ocean.[slideshow:84447]

The unofficial start of the summer, which falls on May 30 this year, is a great excuse for a road trip to a place you have never seen before.

The beaches on this list have different parties (whether it’s parades, dance festivals or yacht shows); provide various forms of entertainment from water sports to more adventurous kinds; and have huge or small crowds, depending on what you’re looking for.

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