America’s 17 Greatest Lake Towns in the Summer

Don’t spend your summer at the beach like everyone else


Summertime, typically, is all about ocean-front beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and laying on lounges by a pool with colorful cocktails. People who spend their free time doing just that during the season are missing out a lot. Go rogue and try out an unconventional way to have fun and relax– in a lake town.[slideshow:102124]

Short of big waves for surfing, some of the best U.S. lakes offer visitors the chance to participate in nearly any water sport imaginable. Swimming in cool, clear blue waters can be more pleasant than dipping in the warm sea swamped with seaweed.

And since they’re considered superb locations for summer holidays, the nearby towns are bustling with lots to do as well.

These charming locales also boast some of the most stunningly scenic landscapes in all of America.

Lake towns are also less crowded and much cheaper than ocean retreats. Consider spending a week or two in a quintessential place without breaking the bank and having even more fun because you can participate in adventurous activities such as hiking, zip lining, diving, and kayaking.

Click here for 17 of the greatest lake towns in the U.S.

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