Thanksgiving Travel Made Easy

Follow this advice to ensure your holiday trip is practically stress-free
Thanksgiving Travel


Make your holiday travel experience easier this year.

Travel experts have dubbed Thanksgiving week the busiest travel time of the year, and navigating the roads, airports, and train or bus stations this time of year can be especially difficult. With the number of holiday travelers seemingly growing each year, it’s never too early (or too late!) to make Thanksgiving travel plans as long as you carefully plan your trip.

25 Tips to Make Thanksgiving Travel a Real Breeze Gallery

Whether you’re driving, flying, taking a train, or riding the bus, you know the roads, airways and rails are going to be crowded. Once you've figured out which option is best for you, you will also want to find the best fares, think about where you are going to stay and how you can afford it, as well as get started on your packing list.

Planning the trip itself out can be a pain if you're taking this time for a vacation, but there are many tools and resources you can use to make it easier. You want to save as much time and money as you can, while still enjoying a holiday with family and friends, so keep these tips in mind and Thanksgiving travel will be a breeze.