17 Best Value Destinations of 2017

Some places have it all - charm, entertainment, adventure and affordable prices


More than one billion people visit another country each year, according to the U.N.’s World Tourism Organization. However, not many of them are Americans. Only 30 percent of the population has passports. The number of international travel for vacation purposes has dropped, and half of trips abroad are to Canada and Mexico.[slideshow:98866]

Part of the reason is that the U.S. is a big country with plenty to see. Besides, saving money by not buying plane tickets for across the Atlantic Ocean seems like a good idea.

Is there anything travelers love more than a bargain? From last-minute flight deals to 50 percent off hotels, vacationers go wild for a budget-friendly trip. That’s why trivago.com ranked the 17 best value destinations in the U.S.

Determined by an exclusive algorithm that considers both hotel prices and guest reviews, the locations that top the list aren’t only easy on the wallet but also offer entertainment options for nearly every type of traveler.

The Best Value Index ranks cities based on a combination of consumer ratings and average hotel prices, with 100 percent being a perfect score. Only destinations with at least 50 hotels and a minimum average of 150 user ratings per hotel were considered.

Exotic journeys, peculiar quick escapes, and seaside paradises will inspire a year filled with irreplaceable experiences. Visit unique attractions; see majestic landscapes, vibrant cities, and iconic landmarks.

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