15 Terrifying Abandoned Places in the U.S.

Have you been to some of America’s most scary and spooky spots?


Exploring long-untouched places in a way that was not meant to be is thrilling. You can learn about the history and feel the story behind it. You will be intrigued by the unusual exteriors and maybe even spooked by the present state of the following structures.

But what is it about abandoned spots that attract people’s attention?

Perhaps it’s their famous pasts or the challenge to imagine how former residents lived in the middle of the desert without many modern comforts. The way some eerie places allow visitors to engage their imaginations is fascinating.   

Certain towns have everything they once did – minus the people (unless you believe in ghosts). Malls, parks, hospital, houses – nature, and sometimes miscreants, take advantage of the lack of inhabitants, painting a terrifying picture.

Rundown, frozen in time, and often hidden, abandoned buildings continue to fascinate. Creepy mansions, haunted basements, mysterious roads — America has plenty of uninhibited places where you can go to get the chills if a Stephen King novel just doesn’t do it you. The rumors of curses make these locales indisputably creepy.

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