The 10 Worst US Airports for TSA Security Delays

TSA security delays at U.S. airports have increased over the years

Yes, there are some amazing airports around the world, some that you may even want to get stuck in, but the truth is that with the good sometimes comes the bad, and not all airports are going to meet your expectations.

Confusing departure terminals, rude staff, poor facilities and annoying passengers will most definitely increase your travel anxiety. But the one thing that tops them all - TSA security. The crowds of people, long lines and delays are sure to put your stress levels over the top.[slideshow:96313]

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On May 14, 2016 CBS Philly reported that wait times at airport security have grown substantially after the TSA, the agency everybody loves to hate, announced last week that it plans to add more security officers and dogs to some of the country’s busiest airports.

If you want to avoid the hassle and worry that comes with travel you should make sure that you check into your flight online beforehand, arrive to the airport early and always fly by the TSA’s rules.

With the help from Conde Nast Traveler and their reference to the J.D Powers 2016 North America Airport Satisfaction Study, which is based on the responses from 38,931 North American travelers who traveled through at least one international or domestic airport with departure and arrival experiences during a three-month period, I have complied a list of the worst US airports for TSA security delays.


The 10 Worst US Airports for TSA Security Delays


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