These Are the 10 Most Vile Things You Can Do on a Plane

These Are the 10 Most Vile Things You Can Do on a Plane

These Are the 10 Most Vile Things You Can Do on a Plane

You never know when you’re going to be the “lucky one” who ends up sitting next to a person who feels and urge to get naked because the planes air conditioning system is broken and finds themselves next to a couple on their honeymoon who can’t seem to contain the love they feel for each other. Unfortunately, disturbing incidents are common. Don’t be one of “those” people, but feel free to take a picture of them. Maybe they deserve to get the bad credit, which will hopefully discourage them from acting badly

Sticking your feet in other people’s way

This is arguably the most shamed passenger behavior. Everybody can relate to the need to have more leg room, but sticking your (smelly) feet out is not the nicest way to achieve your goal. Stand up and stretch every hour or so to get the blood flowing and feel more comfortable.

Bringing stinky food on the plane


While it’s true that not all airlines have delicious food to offer, which is why you may choose to buy and bring your own, does it have to be something with lots of curry or other strong spices? Unless you’re going to offer some of it to people sitting near you, leave that food at home.

Too much PDA


Sometimes being on your honeymoon may get you out of trouble if you and your partner can’t stop kissing, but remember that you are not alone. There are dozens of people in your immediate vicinity and they have a right not to feel uncomfortable or be grossed out by copious PDA.

Loud talking


Although an aircraft isn’t a library, passengers should understand that raising their voices in disdain is not a smart way to secure their safe travel. Some people just can’t stop talking and don’t get the “leave me alone” signals their neighbors are sending. Put your headphones in — you don’t even have to listen to anything — so that no one will bother you or try to talk to you.

Leaving chewing gum on the seat belt


If for some unimaginable reason you can’t throw out your chewing gum in a proper trash can, at least stick it somewhere that is less likely for another person to touch it. The seatbelt is the worst possible option.

Grooming yourself

Please wait until you get off of the plane to groom yourself. You’re grossing everyone out around you – cutting your toenails, painting your toes, plucking your eyebrows – just stop. Do it at home before you head to the airport, or wait until you arrive to your destination.

Leaving your trash everywhere

Trash belongs in a trash can, not below your seat or in the isle. The airplane is not your personal garbage disposal. Littering is disgusting and disrespectful to other people on your flight. Flight attendants walk through the plane countless times with trash bags for a reason.

Walking around barefoot


Walking around the inside of a plane barefoot is just as disgusting and hazardous as walking through airport security barefoot. Not only are you grossing everyone out around you, but you are putting yourself at risk for catching quite a few diseases.

Removing your shirt


It’s actually really simple, just leave your clothes on. If you get hot, turn the nob above your head on for some air; if you’re not comfortable, ask for a blanket. You may be heading to a tropical island, but you’re not there yet. Keep your shirt on until you get to the beach.

Getting too drunk

OK, we understand some people get nervous on flights. Drinking may even help you fall asleep faster. However, when one drink turns into five, it has a tendency to transform that passenger into a loud, annoying flyer (think Bridesmaids-level irritating). You’re on a plane, not at a New Year’s Eve party. There is absolutely nowhere else to go. Wait until you arrive at your destination, and then celebrate with a few drinks.

Hanging hair over the seat


Congratulations for having the ability to grow long and beautiful hair, but you don’t have to hang it over the seat, blocking the TV of the person sitting behind you. That’s not only gross (imagine if the person was eating something), but rude as well. If your hair is in the way, making you restless, use a scrunchy or hair tie and pull it back. Ask the flight attendants for one; they may be able to help you.