Shockingly Easy Ways for Families to Save Money on Disney Trips from Shockingly Easy Ways for Families to Save Money on Disney Trips

Shockingly Easy Ways for Families to Save Money on Disney Trips

Angelina Dimitrova /

Shockingly Easy Ways for Families to Save Money on Disney Trips

Angelina Dimitrova /

Disney is one of the best family vacation destinations, and for good reason. You will literally feel like you are entering another world. There are tons of family-friendly attractions, spectacular hotels to choose from, and delicious dining options.

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But for some people, as much as they would love for their family to reap the benefits of a Disney vacation, it just doesn’t seem possible. Thinking about the cost of souvenirs, ticket prices, and on-site resort fees is scary. However, this should not discourage you. The good news is that you can take your family on a Disney trip without putting a huge dent in your pocket.

A Disney trip should never be overlooked. There are ways to have a successful trip without spending a lot of money. Here are a few shockingly easy ways for families to save money on Disney trips.

Buy Multiday/Park Hopper Passes

If you are going to be at the park for four or more days, you should definitely consider purchasing a multiday park pass. Websites such as offer seven-day Park Hopper passes for the same price of four separate day passes.

Get Membership Discounts

Educate yourself on the Disney’s membership discounts. Disney parks and resorts often provide discounts for those who have served or are serving in the military, AARP members, and AAA users.

Visit During the Low Season

Disney World is most crowded when kids are out of school — over the summer, Thanksgiving week, before and after New Year’s, Presidents Day weekend, and spring and winter breaks. Ticket prices usually increase during this time. Go during the low season instead — you will find cheaper hotel rooms.

Don’t Buy Souvenirs at Disney

Disney parks have a ridiculous amount of souvenir shops, and as tempting as purchasing something from one of them may be, avoid them completely if you are trying to save money. You can purchase gifts at shops outside the parks or online for a much better price.

Hold on to Your Receipts


Although we commonly toss our receipts after receiving them, you should avoid doing so when visiting Disney. Some receipts have discounts for Downtown Disney retailers on them. You can save money and use these discounts for souvenirs for your kids.

Purchase the Disney Dining Plan

If you are staying on-site at Disney World, the best way to save money on food is by purchasing the Disney Dining Plan. It’s a great way to save money and eat conveniently in the parks. You will get a refillable mug that you can use for snacks and at restaurants.

Don’t Eat Breakfast in the Park

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Prepare breakfast in your hotel room or simply eat the continental breakfast in your hotel before you go to the park. This will save you money on having to purchase an extra meal for your family.

Stay in a Hotel Off Site


As tempting as Disney World resort vacation packages are, they are usually very pricy. Stay in a hotel off site instead. There are tons of great places to stay just a few minutes from Disney that offer shuttle services to the parks.

Plan in Advance


Make a spreadsheet. Keep track of meal costs, gas prices, snacks, parking etc. Know what you are going to spend before you go and stick to that budget.

Keep Your Change


Change adds up. Have your entire family save all of their change throughout the trip. At the end, compile all of the change together and use it on small souvenirs.


Your kids will want to have a souvenir to take home, and instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money in a Disney shop, purchase  an autograph book instead. It’s the perfect way for them to take home memories of all the Disney characters, and the book only costs about $6.

Bring Your Own Water Bottle


Bring along a refillable water bottle for each member of the family. You can fill up the bottles at water coolers located all over the park. This will save tons of money, especially on a hot summer day.