The Most Uncrowded National Parks in Alaska

Denali and Glacier Bay National Parks get all the love, but you can avoid the crowds


Bethany Mavis - If you’ve ever considered a trip to Alaska, Denali and Glacier Bay National Parks have probably come up as destination options. Each park sees more than half a million recreational visitors each year, which can make them a bit crowded, especially in the peak summer months.[slideshow:102137]

But if you’re looking for more of a “rustic” experience, not tainted by giant tour buses and camera-happy tourists, consider some of these less visited national parks in Alaska—each sees fewer than 100,000 visitors annually. Alaska is already the most sparsely populated state, and its parks cover millions of acres of essentially untamed wilderness.

In order to explore the remotest corners of the Last Frontier, you’ll have to be well-versed in backcountry survival, but if you still want to answer the call of the wild, you can bet on fewer run-ins with other visitors and more alone time in nature at these stunning parks.

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