These Nonstop Flights Are the Longest in the World

Cover more ground in less time with these direct routes
longest nonstop flights

Cut down on time and layovers with these nonstop long-haul flights.

Long-haul flights can be extremely difficult. Expensive, stressful, and downright tiring, it’s even harder when you have to survive a layover.

To minimize stress and the amount of logistics you have to keep in mind, direct flights are often best when you’re booking your tickets. As air travel progresses and technology improves, more and more airlines are adding direct flights that go further and further. Today, you’d be surprised just how far some of the world’s longest flights can take you.

In the past decade or so, multiple top airlines have added direct flights that are 16 or more hours long. Just this year, a few more flights have been announced that take on impressive distances of over 13,500 miles.

While that definitely means you want to brush up on your in-flight stretches and download all your best movies to keep yourself occupied, it’s also cutting time for travelers by taking out the hassle of layovers. Covering distances as far as Auckland to Dubai or New York to Singapore, these are the world’s ten longest nonstop commercial flights.

Click here for the world's longest nonstop commercial flights.

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