The Airlines With the Best Food

Some carriers are going to great lengths to improve in-flight dining


In its inaugural Airline Pain Index, insights company Qualtrics surveyed travelers to rank the annoyances they might encounter while flying, ranging from mild to “deal-breaker.” One in five passengers has actually switched airline carriers because of bad experiences. Entertainment was on the list, but one notable absence was food options.[slideshow:100558]

Flying is unquestionably not what it used to be, certainly not as glamourous, but the dining experience remains an aspect most airlines still care about.

After all, this this is one of the few rewards passengers get for waiting in long lines, being held at TSA checkup for random items, paying for checked and even carry-on luggage, and having increasingly less leg room.

Some airlines understand the frustration all of these bring and offer more than a free bag of pretzels for a snack. While it’s true that meals often have to be purchased on short-haul flights, what you get for your money is truly a treat.

More and more carriers work with renowned chef and sommeliers to lure and spoil customers with wine selection that is specific to every flight, extravagant meals that are local to your destination, pre-order services, and even separate kids menus.

The following list, in no particular order, is based on international rankings and prizes given by Travel + Leisure, Skytrax World Airline Awards, Seat Guru, and Business Travel Awards 2016.

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