10 Things You Should Never Pack in Your Checked Bag from 10 Things You Should Never Pack in Your Checked Bag

10 Things You Should Never Pack in Your Checked Bag

From security to lost luggage, lengthy layovers and flight delays, airports can be very stressful.

It's imperative that you check the TSA checked bag guidelines before packing. The last thing you want is your bag flagged because of a suspicious item.

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There are a few obvious things you should leave out of your checked bag, flammable items being one of them. But there are also a few other items, not as obvious, that you may think are okay but are not - personal documents, your laptop, cash and medications are a few.

Continue reading for the 10 things you should never carry in your checked bag.



Always carry your jewelry with you or in your carry-on bag. Once you hand your bag over to security, there is no telling what will happen to it. The bags get tossed around and your jewelry may end up broken, or worse, someone may open your luggage and steal it.

Identification: boarding pass, passport, important documents


How do you expect to get through airport security and board your plane without your boarding pass and personal identification? Make sure to pay close attention to what documents you put in your bag. Keep everything in your carry-on bag, and if you must put documents in your checked bag, make sure they are copies, not originals.

Flammable Items


Flammable items are not to be carried in your carry-on or checked bag. This includes gasoline, lighter fluid, flammable paints and cooking fuel. If these items are a necessity, wait until you reach your destination and buy them. It’s not worth getting them taken from you at the airport.



Never leave your laptop in your checked bag; that is unless you want to risk something bad happening to it. Your luggage will be thrown around and the last thing you want is for your laptop to break. Not to mention that there probably is personal information on your laptop that you would prefer no one has access too.

Cash and Credit Cards


When packing your bag, be aware that there is a chance a TSA agent may go through it. Don’t leave money or credit cards in your bag, always carry them on your person. Reports have shown cases where TSA agents have stolen money and other valuables out of passenger’s bags.



If there is a chance you may need it, don’t pack it. What happens if your flight gets delayed and you need to take your medication? There is no way for you to get it once you passed through airport security. Bring a doctor’s note or medical ID card to carry any oversized medications through security.

All of your clothes


(*See: 7 Ways to Fly Comfortably) Lost luggage, unfortunately, is common. Make sure you pack a few articles of clothing in your carry-on bag. This way if your luggage does get lost, you will have some clothes to get you through a few days.

Irreplaceable items


If it’s irreplaceable, do not check it. Many baggage handlers have a tendency to be rough with the luggage; they are rushing and trying to be as accurate as possible, but sometimes they make a mistake and something breaks. If you are flying with a fragile item, make sure that you place it in your carry-on bag to avoid unnecessary harm to it.

Don’t pack any items on the TSA’s prohibited list


Aerosols, fireworks, gasoline, recreational oxygen, spray paint, gun lighters and flares are just some of the many things that the TSA prohibits in checked bags. Click here to find out the rest of the items.

Liquids that may spill


You definitely want to make sure you pack all of your large liquids in your checked bag; however, make sure that the top of the bottle is secure and there are no cracks. The last thing you want to do is arrive to your destination and realize your shampoo spilt all over your clothes. Also, place liquid items in a tight spot in your suitcase to avoid them from being tossed around. 

10 Things You Should Never Pack in Your Checked Bag