The Tour de France Explained (In Animation!)

Everything you need to know about this historic athletic event

New to the Tour de France this year? Have lots of questions about what is going on? The answers can be found in the fun animated video above.

The 10-minute cartoon gives you everything you need to know so that you can understand the event and even impress your friends with cool facts. It covers rider and team strategy, the meaning of the Tour’s various jerseys (including the historical significance of the color yellow), the physical demands of the event and Tour de France history.

The video also helps you understand what the race was like for its first competitors. These cyclists pedaled along the dirt roads of France all day and night on fixed gear bikes. They evaded humans and cars, as well as nails placed on the road by fans of other competitors. Although the course was initially shorter, these factors quickly earned the event its reputation as a grueling race. In fact, just 21 out of 60 riders crossed the finish line at the first Tour.

Check out the video for more cool facts about this historic event. 

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