Totally Absurd (or Completely Awesome?) Travel Pillows

Totally Absurd (or Completely Awesome?) Travel Pillows

The Ostrich Pillow

Nothing screams “come rob me” quite like shielding your own eyes and nodding off in the airport. So, we thought this was just about the dumbest travel accessory we’d ever seen; but it seems 1,846 people disagree because they pledged almost $200,000 on Kickstarter to get the pillow to production.
Find it here for $109

The Upright Sleeper Pillow

With a meager 1.9 star rating and poor reviews, this pillow failed to impress in performance and it’s not exactly winning any fashion awards either.
Find it here for $28

The SkyRest Travel Pillow

Instantly win friends when you blow up this massive pool toy travel pillow in the middle of a crowded plane.
Find it here for $30

The Travel Halo

This patent-pending “pillow” offers padding for a fraction of your head and features a built-in eye mask. What more could you ask for?
Find it here for $29

The Book Seat

For all those times when you want to read, but you’re just too lazy to actually hold the book. The Book Seat doubles as a travel pillow, but odd dimensions make it tough to fit in small carry-ons.
Find it here for $31

The Travel Bone Pillow

Believe it or not, this isn’t a dog toy.
Find it here for $25

The Zombie Cat Travel Neck Pillow

While this particular design is a bit bizarre, Creature Comforts the shop on Etsy offers many other animal neck pillows, sans blood and bones.
Find it here for $37

The Hooded Travel Pillow

This neck pillow comes with a fleece hood, because you never know when it might snow during your flight.
Find it here for $40

The Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow

This massive double decker neck pillow goes above and beyond—literally. It comes with a travel pouch, a set of memory foam earplugs and a media pouch. We’re not sure that’s the best place for your phone, but overall, reviews were positive.
Find it here for $35

The UpRight Sleeper

How could you turn down a product that could help you sleep sitting or standing up? Supposedly that’s what the UpRight Sleeper could do when SkyMall gave the product an innovation award in 2012. Two years later this torture device is nowhere to be found on their website—and that’s too bad because travelers who look like they recently broke their necks probably get a ton of sympathy (and extra space on planes).
No longer available on SkyMall