Top 50 Action Sports Photos via Red Bull Illume

Renowned International Photography Tour Stops in Atlanta, March 20-30

When we see photos on the pages of sports magazines, we focus solely on the action in the frame. The photographer gets credit—but not attention; and the art and originality of the photo are often overlooked. [slideshow:918]

Red Bull Illume flipped that notion completely, treating action photography as an art form and shining the spotlight on the photographers.

Red Bull Illume is the foremost international photography competition on the subject of action and adventure sports. The competition highlights exciting, creative and thought provoking imagery and celebrates some of the most novel photographers in the world. Tens of thousands of images were submitted for consideration, but only 50 images were chosen by international experts.

See the 50 Best Images of the 2013 Red Bull Illume Contest.

The finalists were revealed in Hong Kong at the end of August and all 50 images are now on a world-wide exhibition tour. The tour has made stops in Hong Kong, Arizona, and Vancouver, Canada and is now in Atlanta from March 20-30. According to Red Bull Illume, the tour will continue for the next year and a half visiting world capitals and cultural hubs. The exhibition always takes place after dark, with the life-size photos lit from the back.

The 2013 Red Bull Illume competition was the third installment; the first two competitions were in 2007 and 2010. All winning photographs can be found on the Red Bull Illume website.

This year’s overall winner was Lorenz Holder of Germany; the winning photo is shown above. “His image of snowboarder Xaver Hoffmann performing a jump at a satalite dish in snowy Raisting, Germany won universal praise from the judges,” said Red Bull Illume.

For winning the overall competition Holder received a new Lecia S camera, a broncolor Move Outdoor kit and Sun-Sniper gear. Category winners received a Leica x2, a broncolor Para 88 P kit and an assortment of Sun-Sniper gear.

We had the opportunity to speak with two of the Red Bull Illume finalists, Morgan Maassen and Chris Burkard.