#48 Tanner Hall—Skier from The Active Times 50: World’s Best Athletes

The Active Times 50: World’s Best Athletes

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#48 Tanner Hall—Skier

He’s been called “the most influential freeskier in history” and has a career of major wins and a storied history to match the title. As a teenager, Hall moved to Park City and dropped out of high school in order to pursue freeskiing professionally. Years of major competition wins (11 X Games medals), top-tier videos and awards were intersected by two ski injuries—one in 2005 that Hall was able to quickly recover from and another in 2009 that was more serious. After overshooting a jump, he suffered from tibial plateau fractures and blew out his ACLs. While he was recovering from the injury, he lost his best friend, C.R. Johnson, in a ski accident and he spiraled downward from there. After receiving help from family and friends and several years off the mountain, Hall recovered and is back at it. You can still find him on the mountain, happier than ever to be out there and making some of the best backcountry ski films in recent years.
—Diana Gerstacker


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