Tested: Ski and Snowboard Gift Guide 2013

The gear gurus at Active Junky make their picks in time for gift season

So everyone in the family has been tossing hints, subtle or not, that ski and snowboard gear is at the top of their gift lists this year.[slideshow:820]

Now comes the hard part of digging through endless websites and what seems like a million items until you pick just the right one. Fear not: Active Junky is here to make life simple with our gift guide for the skier or snowboarder in the family.

The items below consist of our top gift picks from the 2014 Active Junky Gear Guide. Our team of testers put this gear through the wringer on a ski trip to Valle Nevado in the Chilean Andes. After being subjected to below-freezing temperatures and heavy-duty terrain, only the best gear tested made this year's cut.

So leave the hype behind and dive into the go-to gift guide for the skier or snowboarder in your life. Click HERE to read on....