20 Healthy Ways to Spring into Summer

Tone your body with these workout moves and healthy recipes

Let’s face it: It’s easy to pack on a few extra pounds in the winter months. But now that the weather is warming up (and swimsuit season fast approaching), most of us are eager to return to the former—and, yes, fitter—version of ourselves.

To help you on your mission, we’ve compiled a list of healthy recipes from some of our favorite cookbooks, and exercises from two personal trainers—Elyse Sparkes, founder of Sparkes Wellness in New York City, and Sam Yang, founder of All Out Effort in Los Angeles—to help you bring definition back to your core, arms and legs. [slideshow:655]

And here’s more great news: With these moves, you won’t be confined to the gym.

“Take your workout outdoors and get creative,” Sparkes says. "You can use park benches, outdoor tracks and staircases, or a sandy beach to spice up your routine.” 

As for your meals, well, what’s warm weather without a little al fresco dining?

For the recipes and exercises that will prepare you for the season, check out our slideshow.