Southwest Road Trip! Day 2, Arches Nat'l Park

Photographer Andy Austin's visual diary of a classic spring break trip
Andy Austin

Landscape Arch on an overcast morning.

Day two of my Southwest National Parks road trip was spent in Arches National Parks. I awoke before sunrise (although there was no sunrise because of a rainstorm) and headed in to do some hiking. At the end of the main road was the park’s longest hike, Devil’s Garden. Devil’s Garden is a 7.2-mile trail that passes by eight arches with a few more visible from the trail. One of the most famous arches (at 0.8 miles in) is Landscape Arch, seen in this picture. Up until 1991 visitors could go right beneath the arch, but then in '91 a 60-foot slab broke free from the arch. After this, the park closed off the arch and now you can only view it from the trail.

Photo Details: Canon 60D with a Canon 70-200 F/2.8 IS II | 200mm ISO 125 f/2.8 Shutter Speed 1/500

Tomorrow I venture off to Canyonlands, so stayed tuned for those photos!

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