Most Popular Winter Olympic Sports

Which one is your favorite?
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Elite athletes competing at the Olympic level creates the perfect recipe for some of the most thrilling and inspiring sporting events in the world. From edge-of-your seat, photo-finish moments to stunning displays of aerial abilities, the Winter Games are absolutely energizing and always exciting.[slideshow:103628]

Over the years the Olympic lineup has seen sports come and go. Thrilling sports that used to be a celebrated part of the Games have been cut from the official roster while new events are considered and added each year. This time the new additions are Big Air in snowboarding, mass start in speed skating, mixed doubles in curling, and a team skiing event.

No doubt, the variety of events included in the Games is one of the most important factors in contributing to an extra exciting week of sports spectating. Have you ever wondered which events are most beloved, though? There's definitely no definitive, set-in-stone answer to the question. After all, the Olympics have been around since 1896 and are constantly adapting to fit popular demand.

But by taking a look at the TV ratings and Internet buzz surrounding previous games the compilation of some data is indicative of which sports are fan favorites.

The following list, in no particular order, is based on a TV viewership report by Nielsen, a survey about what people will watch, and data based on information from internet headlines.

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