Ranger Dies Rescuing Climbers on Rainier

Second tragedy this year for Mount Rainier National Park staff

Park ranger Nick Hall died in the line of duty June 21 while rescuing four stranded climbers from Texas. Hall, 33, fell 3,000 feet after helping the first three climbers into the helicopter. The exact circumstances of the accident are still unclear at this time.

The group of Texans was en route back down the mountain after summiting Rainier when two in their party fell into a crevasse on the Emmons Glacier. The other were able to hold on, and one used a cell phone to call for assistance.

Hall’s body could not be recovered immediately because of the bad weather conditions on Mount Rainier. Hall will be missed by Mount Rainier National Park climbing program where he has worked for the past four years. Hall's is the second ranger death suffered by the Rainier park staff, following the bizzare shooting death of ranger Margaret Anderson.

Via Alpinist

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