VIDEO: Sea Lion Ballet

Diver captures spectacular underwater choreography

A little bit of GoPro candy for your Thursday:

The underwater balletics of these sea lions don’t need any music to be beautiful. As many as twelve of the creatures dart and weave in any given frame of this video, taken by a scuba diving Chris Aran off of California’s Anacapa Island. After a minute, Aran leaves his new friends to explore the glorious multicolored kelp forests, a floating jungle populated by golden fish, lobsters and other gilled denizens.

According to Aran’s Vimeo page, he dove from the Spectre, a boat operated by outfitters Cal Boat Diving. The company offers packages for divers with open water certification, meaning, you, too, can be a regular Jacques Cousteau for the price of a single-day package (and a good consumer camera with dive housing).

Eleven miles from the Southern California shore, Anacapa is the easternmost island in Channel Islands National Park.

Via GrindTV.

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