Savor the Flavor of Journey Bars

Energy bars venture into the world of savory

I have tasted the future of energy bars, and they are most certainly savory.

I recently had the good fortune of trying a new nutrition bar—called Journey Bar—that takes a decidedly different approach from most similar snacks on the market. While the competition has perfected the candy bar-sweet energy bar, Journey Bar has released the first (as far as we know) savory-flavored versions instead. You won't find any chocolate, peanut butter or brownie flavors on the menu here. Instead you get parmesan romano, hickory barbecue, rosemary, pizza marinara and coconut curry.

Besides being unique in flavor, Journey Bars are also made from the best possible ingredients. These bars are both GMO- and soy-free, and they use organic whole grains and other natural elements. There are even vegan options available for those who prefer their bars without animal products of any kind.

Now, to the taste test. What struck me when I unwrapped my first Journey Bar was how crunchy it was. Most other energy bars are soft and moist, but the Parmesan Romano-flavored bar was considerably harder, almost too much so. But that first bar wasn't indicative of the rest of the Journey line-up, and each bar had its own unique texture and level of crispiness. That crunchy texture has a nice side benefit, as well, as it keeps the bars from melting on summertime adventures. Who hasn't peeled the wrapper from their favorite bar only to find that it had melted into a gooey mess?

While I still enjoy the traditional chocolate and peanut butter energy bars I've been using for years, I definitely welcomed the Journey Bar's "real food" taste, which is a refreshing change of pace from the competition.

The bottom line is that Journey Bars makes a fantastic, tasty, easy-to-haul snack whether you're out for a day hike or exploring some far-flung corner of the world.; 12 bars for $20

A version of this story originally appaered on The Adventure Blog.