A Runner's Back Pain? Oops, It's a Miracle Baby.

Woman showed no signs of pregnancy and had even lost weight while training
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Any serious runner intimately knows the aches and pains that come from hard training. After a long run on Sunday, however, Trish Staine felt an unfamiliar sensation: excruciating pain in her lower back.

The next day, when it got worse, Staine took an ambulance to the emergency room. To her surprise, the doctors announced that they had detected a fetal heart beat. By the time Staine’s husband arrived at the hospital, he was a father to a healthy six-pound, six-ounce baby girl. The couple named their new daughter “Mira,” which is short for “miracle.”

Staine had little reason to suspect she was pregnant.  She told the Associated Press she hadn’t felt any movement from the fetus in previous months,  and she had lost weight during her race training. Her husband had even had a vasectomy.

Undetected pregnancies are more common than many people know. About one in 2,500 births are not detected until the baby is delivered, Dr. Shilpi Mehta-Lee, assistant professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the NYU Langone Medical Center in Manhattan, told ABC News.

Staine had been training for the half marathon at the Grandmas Marathon event in Duluth, Minnesota, on June 22. Unsurprisingly, she has choses to withdraw from the race.

Via Runner’s World and ABC News.

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