Top Spring Running Gear from Top Spring Running Gear for 2016

Top Spring Running Gear for 2016

Leena Robinson / Shutterstock

Top Spring Running Gear

Leena Robinson / Shutterstock

Spring is finally here and you can finally get out of the gym running under fluorescent lights and enjoy the sunshine outside.

Studies have shown that spending time in parks can calm the mind while changing the way the brain works in ways that improve mental health. Other research has indicated that people who run on treadmills burn less energy than those who run the same distance but outside, mostly because there are no wind resistance and changes in terrain

But you need the right gear to make running outside as enjoyable as possible so you don’t quit after a week. Cotton clothes are off limits and the right pair of socks can be the difference between happy or horribly beat up feet.

The good news for the people who don’t like running but still want to get healthy is, according to a recent study, that you actually need shockingly low number of miles under your belt a week to reach that goal. Less than a mile a day – for a total of six in seven days – will do.


Lululemon run swiftly for women

You will barely feel you have something on. The fabric of the Lululemon run swiftly for women is so lightweight that you have complete control when you move, while helping you stay cool because of the mesh venting. The Silverescent® technology, powered by X-STATIC®, inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the shirt. It is also perfect if you want to train in a gym.

Lululemon core short for men

The fabric is thin enough to feel quite lightweight and thick enough to stay durable. The shorts have been designed without a liner so you can pick what goes underneath, according to the site. “I don't always have time to get laundry done, but these shorts maintain their freshness for 2-3 workouts which I love,” one person wrote. The thick waistband provides excellent support and the shorts fall at a great length.

Betty Designs Fly Capri

Even if you don’t feel like running, putting this colorful capri will trick you into feeling very motivated. You’re going to go from not training at all to running in style in a matter of few seconds. The fabric is 72 percent Ply and 28 percent Lycra. The yoga waistband provides for flattering comfort.

Sugoi run for cover jacket for women

Don’t let the rain stop you from enjoying a nice run outside. The lightweight non-stretch woven shell of the Sugoi Run for cover jacket is breathable, wind and water resistant. There is going to be no stick-to-your-skin feeling at all. The upper body is lines with mesh fabric that will keep the air moving. The hood has been designed specifically for runners so it doesn’t limit your visibility.

Garmin Fenix 3

Fenix 3 is multiple things in one – a watch, compass, altimeter, barometer, to name a few. The omni-directional EXO™ stainless steel antenna, equipped with GPS/GLONASS satellite reception, can track in more challenging environments than GPS alone. The watch features VO2 Max and Recovery Advisor. When used with a heart rate monitor, Fēnix 3 crunches data, including your running speed, beats per minute and heart rate variability. It estimates the maximum volume of oxygen you can consume per minute.

Terez women's fruit cup performance crop leggings

You can use these pants as a reminder of what kind of snack you can make yourself after your run to help your muscles recover faster. The fabric, which is 80 percent Poly and 20 percent spandex, is lightweight. The elasticized waist doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable at any time.

Sweaty Betty flex run pullover

This pullover takes care of all possible cold weather-related excuses you can have to postpone running. The soft and cozy fabric will keep you warm; you won’t need anything on top. The thumbholes are a favorite feature. The pullover, which is highly durable and quick drying, has a reflective trim that helps boost visibility, which is especially helpful at night. The thermal fabric regulates temperature.

Untapped Maple

If you like maple syrup and want to have it more often than every weekend with pancakes for breakfast, you’re going to love the Untapped Maple. Unlike other energy packets on the market, Untapped is not a proprietary formula of vitamins and minerals in a gel-like base. It's 100 percent maple syrup, according to The Guardian, which calls it “the new athletic superfuel.”

Power Bar Simple Fruit Gels

Just one pack has 107Kcal of energy. Imagine everything you like about PowerBar and consuming it with ease because it’s in a liquid form. It’s very refreshing. The gels use the C2Max 2:1 glucose fructose carbohydrate mix and include 300mg of sodium per pouch. This is the key electrolyte lost in sweat and this level is the highest on the market for a gel, according to

Fitletic mini sport belt

The Fitletic belt is a must-have product if you need a small sport belt that will fit the latest (and big) version of your smart phone, iPad and other small gadgets, including water bottles, you need for running. Forget about the uncomfortable armband which only gets in the way when you exercise. Most reviewers on Amazon give this product 5 out of 5 stars.

Nike Vision bandit

You need sunglasses while running for obvious reasons but the Nike Vision Bandit’s lightweight design and ventilation will make your run very comfortable. The soft rubber channels on the inside of the temples enhance airflow, wick away sweat and grip your skin as you heat up. These sunglasses don’t fog up.

Roka Sports endurance run hat

The Roka Sports endurance run hat fits perfectly. You’ll basically forget you have one on when you’re training for hours. It has an absorbing woven dome panel to protect your head from the wind and sun. The breathable mesh inside panels will keep you cool.

Coeur Sports bra

The Coeur Sports Bra eliminated the need to “double bag.” The mesh panels will keep you cool during your run. The bra has two rear pockets as well so you can put your keys or other small items there. The bra has been tested by runners, triathletes and even a professional dancer/yoga aficionado, according to the site.

Zoot men's West Coast tee

This shirt will keep you cool and dry as you run for miles and miles due to the mesh panels designed for enhanced breathability and ventilation. The fabric is very light to keep you comfortable. The shirt will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays with UPF 50+ sun protection. The reflective accents of the shirt will keep you visible when it’s dark outside.

Thorlo Experia socks

The Thorlo socks provide great feel, support and cushioning. They have just enough padding in the heal and toes, and are thin in the middle. The mesh is polyester for maximum breathability. You can find the socks in many colors to match your pair of running shoes. Blisters are a rarity. These socks provide great support through the arch and the tops do not pull down into the shoe.

Powerbeats wireless

Once you get these powerbeats, you won’t take them off your ears. The quality is excellent – as if you were listening to music, and the bass, through headphones, even though they are technically earphones. The battery lasts for up to six hours, so you can take them on long, long runs. The lack of cables means you can move freely in any direction. The powerbeats are also sweat and water resistant.

Adidas Glide Boost Customize Your Own

The Adidas Glide Boost Customize Your Own sneakers will last for many miles because if the boost™ in the midsole that returns energy to every step. The bonus of picking the colors and graphics lets you make the pair as personal as possible. You can even design the mesh vamp and reflective stripes. Adding your name next to the sockliner won’t be a problem at all.

Sugoi men's running jacket

As one person on Amazon wrote: “I love this jacket – got mine early on in 2013, and it's phenomenal. Has a total of five pockets (two internal, two external hand pockets that zip, and a back zippered pocket as well). This is my go-to jacket, I wear it about 90% of the time it's a bit cool out.” The Sugoi jacket is good for all kinds of weather, except during snowstorms or when it’s freezing cold. The magnet-attached sleeves are easily removable.

Nuun hydration

Nuun is by no means sweet; they have a rather enjoyable subdued taste, according to RunBlogger. They are also not loaded with sugar – just 8 grams per tablet. To make a drink, you just pop a tablet into 16 oz. of water. “Perhaps the best thing about Nuun is that a few tubes can last a really long time, and the fact that it comes in tablet form makes it easy to throw a few into a pocket if you anticipate needing to mix a drink on the run – much easier than dealing with powder.”

Ultimate Direction hydration running vest

The last think you want to do while running is crash due to dehydration. This vest will prevent that from happening because it has accessible storage but it’s very light. The bottle holsters also tighten to carry phones or iPads. The Ultimate Direction hydration running vest has a wide lateral strap for stability and adjustability and lightweight T-Hook adjustable sternum straps. One review reads: “The vest is CRAZY comfortable – light, soft, flexible, very breathable! Plenty of storage that is FULLY accessible while running.”

Lululemon enhearten tank

If you need a piece of clothing to help with your posture, the Enhearten Tank can do the trick. It's a tight fit and holds everything in one place. The fabric is thick but just enough. The cottony-soft Luon® fabric is engineered for serious stretch and recovery. “I also, like others, love the higher (but not too high) neckline,” one review said.