Running a Marathon on a Treadmill: Completely Insane or Entirely Awesome?

This app is challenging runners to conquer the marathon on a treadmill


When runners daydream about running a marathon — whether it’d be their first or their fifth — most conjure images of striding along with a large, enthusiastic group of fellow racers over a scenic course lined with crowds of cheering fans.

Hardly any (at least not the sane ones) would imagine racing 26.2 miles on a treadmill.

Well, at least until now.

We agree: at first, spending three plus hours (well, maybe less if you’re super speedy) on what most runners refer to as the “dreadmill” sounds like absolute torture. But, what if you could add an element of virtual reality into the mix?

That’s where RunSocial and its innovative mixed reality running technology comes into play.

The organization recently announced a partnership with RunCzech, organizers of the Volkswagen Prague Marathon 2016, to create The Prague Digital Marathon.

Run Czech

2015 Prague Marathon (Photo Credit: RunCzech)

Put simply, runners around the world will have the ability to virtually run the Prague Marathon course — no travel, no race fee and no bib required.

All you need is the RunSocial app and a treadmill.

“The course was filmed during the 2015 Prague Marathon so that you will see the real marathon course, with its wonderful streets, spectators and atmosphere,” said RunSocial co-founder Marc Hardy. “RunSocial combines HD video with 3D gaming technology so you can see and run with friends and others that appear inside your film, in real time.”

Perhaps the coolest part of this concept, though, is even from a treadmill, runners will not only have a visual on the course, but since they’ll be running on the same date and time as the real marathon, at the end they can see their finish position and how their results stack up against the rest of the race pack.

Run Czech

2015 Prague Marathon (Photo Credit: RunCzech)

We know, even with a virtual reality race element, conquering the marathon distance on a treadmill still sounds quite crazy, so we’re honestly curious to find out: Do you think this concept is completely insane or entirely awesome?

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