How to Use Technology to Improve Your Running Lifestyle

Increase the effectiveness of your sessions


Faith MacanasThe running industry has come a long way in recent decades, especially over the past few years. Technology and the internet have advanced beyond what we once thought was possible, allowing us to measure our running performance and increase the effectiveness of our sessions. We now have access to metrics and data that directs us towards improved fitness and efficiency.

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Let’s look at some of the most beneficial technology you can use to ensure a high-quality performance and experience while running.


Weather Apps

Some people aren't comfortable with exercising in wet, windy or icy conditions. If it's not safe, it's not worth running the risk (pun intended). Bad weather can also be worse in certain circumstances than others. For example, if you live on higher ground, the wind may cause more of a potential danger for you.

Having a high-quality weather app is useful for alerts and quick checks before thinking of heading out for a running session. It can also help you decide what clothing and equipment are worth taking with you on your run, as if it's very hot you'll want minimal accessories and clothing, but enough water for hydration.



While we know the typical workout you'll get from a run outside is tougher and more effective, if weather doesn't permit or you don't feel like going out for your session, a treadmill is a perfect solution. Treadmills offer us the chance to still partake in our running exercise routines but in the comfort of our own home.

There are many speed settings and workout types you can pursue on a treadmill, and some machines are better than others. Motor and electric powered treadmills seem to provide a more enjoyable and thorough workout, but utilizing any of them will be better than skipping a running session due to bad weather or not wanting to go outside on a particular day.

If you know how many calories you wish to burn in each running period, treadmills will usually calculate this for you, so you can keep tracking along until you've reached your goals and limits without sacrificing a good workout. There are many constructive ways you can use a treadmill to ensure a decent exercising session.


Running Apps

In this day and age, the world of apps is plentiful with choices for running and fitness. There are also many accessories you can order online or purchase in the store for holding smartphones in a hands-free and comfortable manner. It's just plain off-putting to run with your phone in your pocket, bouncing around all over the place. The likelihood of it falling out and breaking is too high to risk it.

Running apps can measure calorie burn, gradients, distance traveled, speed and your overall performance, including many other metrics that are useful even to the novice runner. They're also great for planning routes and showcasing where you've run, measuring your performance over time. This also contains a competitive element, as you will find yourself battling with your metrics and times to beat your previous recorded data, which in turn improves your fitness levels.

It's worth mentioning that if you want to keep your health, fitness and activity data safe, you should use a Virtual Private Network to protect yourself. Hackers thrive on careless technology users when they're deeply engaged in an activity on the go and will often take data as you run past a coffee shop.


Fitbit Technology

Fitbit's only recently exploded onto the fitness scene, but they took the running world by storm. Measuring every step you take, your heart rate, how active you are, water and food intake and even your sleep. Not all metrics are available with every Fitbit; it depends on which model you purchase. However, the application and technology used to power this gadget is astonishingly accurate, which is great for improving any runner's performance and awareness of their own fitness levels.

This technology pushes you to become more active, as it measures your daily activity, giving you recommendations on what you should do and badge rewards when you've achieved your goals and targets.



Overall, through combining the above technology with your running lifestyle, you can expect to see vast improvements in your performance and fitness levels. These areas are designed to push you to your limits, competing with yourself and past data so that you won't fall behind.


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