Marathon Training Must-Haves

Don't sabotage your training; picking the right gear and accessories is crucial


Are you finally starting to train for your first marathon? Finishing it will be one of the most satisfying experiences as you are going to be in a very elite group. Only 0.5 percent of Americans have done it.

Some of the reasons to the run a marathon include: You’re getting fit and healthy while training; you gain a lot of confidence knowing that you can do the impossible; you may be an inspiration to others; you’re making new friends; you travel; and you get to explore cities in a way few people, even locals, do.[slideshow:89971]

Logging many, many miles week after week is hard to handle. But designing a training plan is not the only challenging obstacle when you’re preparing for a marathon. Picking the right gear and accessories is crucial.

Dressing properly is the first step to making sure you keep warm while running in cooler weather, but it’s the extra accessories that can make all the difference.

The importance of selecting the right shoes cannot be overstated for a marathon runner. Since this is an individual choice, it’s best that you go to a running store and have your gait evaluated. You can use Spotify, your phone, or iPod shuffle to listen to music, but you need the right headphones. You also need certain gadgets to monitor your progress during your runs.

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