Road Warriors: 2013's Top Road Bikes

12 lightweight, comfortable bikes for every budget
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Road bikes are getting mighty comfortable. The old wisdom that you need to spend mile upon mile hunched over in your drop handlebars to keep up with the pack is just that: old. In with the new, we say!

More and more bike manufacturers are striking an ideal balance between comfort and performance, building models with more upright geometries that are packed with high-end features like chatter-reducing carbon seat and steering tubes, lightweight components and top-notch aerodynamics. The result is a faster, smoother ride that won't leave you sore. 

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Our choices represent the best on offer this year, made from a spectrum of materials (even steel!) for a variety of budgets. We selected them from a combination of personal tests, consumer review sites and reviews by other leading bicycle media, and ranked them based on price, components, weight, consumer reviews and overall build quality.

We'll leave you with a word of caution: Our list is meant as a buyer's guide, but it doesn't substitute for personal trial. Above even carbon forks, high-end derailleurs and lightweight frames, nothing improves ride quality more than perfect fit. Once you've determined the category of road bike—competition, endurance or sport—you're in the market for and narrowed your slection a bit, we recommend heading to your local bike shop and riding as many models as possible. Once you've chosen, have them custom fit for you. Trust us, you'll never want to walk anywhere again.

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#12. Bianchi Vertigo 105
#11. All City Mr. Pink
#10. Focus Cayo 2.0 EVO
#9. Giant Defy Advanced 0
#8. Raleigh Militis 3
#7. Cervélo R3 105
#6. Diamondback Podium 7
#5. Specialized Amira SL4 Pro SRAM
#4. Fuji Altamira SL
#3. Scott Speedster S30
#2. Trek Domane 4.5
#1. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Black Inc.

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