Ride Smart: The 10 Coolest Bike Tech Accessories

These innovations in technology make cycling even safer

Remember when we would have to sit through 25 minutes of internet dial-up just to enter the world wide web that is now far too familiar? It seems that every day a new advancement in technology is being announced. The bicycle industry is no different, and innovations are making cycling that much safer. From tail lights to bike horns, these gadgets are making the roads more aware of your presence. [slideshow:999]

There are also advancements to simplify your life. For example, need to charge your phone? Well, now you can pedal your way to power through generators that take energy from your pedaling and store it as a battery source.

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If you are a more serious cyclist, there are gadgets for you. Keep track of your heart rate through SMART helmets, or follow your entire ride through a GPS bike computer. All of these gadgets are made specifically for your bike, so they are easy to install and can survive the outdoors.

This list is compiled of the more interesting innovations that have been released in the past few years. Some are coming out real soon, others are already on the market, and one gadget is still hoping to go into prototype.

My personal favorite is the Blaze Laserlight. It is a bike light and projector built-in-one. What’s so cool about this contraption is that it actually alerts people in the most clear way possible that you are coming. With a green laser, it projects an image of a bicycle ahead of you, so that as you ride, motor vehicles and pedestrians will know exactly what is coming.

Although these tech gadgets are pricey, they represent the great ideas that people in the bike community are coming up with to give you an overall better ride. 

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