Ride Protected With Bicycle Insurance Plans

Protect your life and your bike with cycling insurance

Safety and security are among the highest concerns of an active cyclist. That goes beyond just buying the best bike locks. Riding a bike has its risks. But why should you have to be concerned about the risks every time you go out on a ride?

While many home insurance companies will cover certain belongings, such as bicycles, most are just covered when stolen from your house. And an active lifestyle calls for more coverage than just petty crime. I’m talking accident protection, which calls for two specific types of protection. You want protection for yourself (for injury and rescue), and you want protection for your beloved bike.

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Instead of worrying every time you ride, get the right insurance to protect your bike and protect yourself. There are two great companies that can fit these needs, and allow you to get outside, and ride worry-free.

1. Velosurance
Velosurance is a national insurance agency formed by two cyclists who believed that all cyclists should have the opportunity to be covered by an insurance that protects you from more than just theft. By partnering with an A.M.Best “A” rated, US insurance company, Markel American Insurance Company (which offers the same policy on their website) they created a multi-risk policy that offers protection to different types of cyclists. There is an extensive list of coverage options that you can choose from to customize your own individual policy. These coverage options include: crash damage, full value insurance, theft coverage, vehicle contact, replacement bike rental, event fee return, cycling apparel insurance, medical payments, racing coverage, electric assist bicycles, and bicycle airline shipping coverage.  Velosurance assures that “Velosurance Cyclist Insurance Policy is a stated, replacement cost, all risk policy.” That simply means that you will tell Velosurance the value of your bicycle and if damaged or lost they will replace it with a new one.

Velosurance understands that riding a bike can be dangerous and prone to accident. And when you spend large amounts of money on your bicycle, you want your bike to be covered for accidents as much as covered for theft. Visit their site for a list of their trusted partners near you and get a free quote for your desired coverage. Velosurance also offers discounts to members of the USA Cycling team, USA Triathlon team, and the International Mountain Bicycle Association (IMBA).

2. Adventure Advocates
Adventure Advocates' mission is to protect their members and the environment. They are partnered up with USA Cycling to provide low cost accident medical insurance. Adventure Advocates lives up to their name in that they are trying to promote more active lifestyles by covering them. Depending on the intensity of your active lifestyle there are two types of plans, a basic plan, or a plus plan (which includes ski/snowboard coverage). They also offer family plans. Adventure Advocates wants you to enjoy your adventures and let them worry about the risks:

In addition to Accidental Medical Protection, our members also enjoy access to accidental death & dismemberment, air evacuation/repatriation, emergency helicopter rescue and active lifestyle benefits including roadside assistance, 24 hour toll free nurse line, and discounts for gear purchases, hotels, rental cars and vitamins/supplements.


Visit their site for specific plans and prices.

Protect yourself, protect your ride, and bike on!


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