Review: Camp-Tek Microburst Inflator

A little plastic device with big lungs that makes camp setup easy

Wait, wait, you're going to think we've gone nuts here, but hear us out! Reach deep down inside and find that part of you that's straight-up lazy, and keep on reading.

The Microburst is a tiny 1.5 x 2 x 3-inch device that runs on two AAA batteries and will inflate your air mattress while you are drinking a beer and laughing—laughing!—at your poor camp partners, who are huffing their nasty, moisture-laden halitosis breath into their own pads.

But what about the weight? The Microburst is only 1.7 ounces dry, or 2.5 ounces with batteries. Cannibalize the AAAs from a headlamp and you don't even have to pack extras. The Microburst inflated a NeoAir XTherm in two minutes flat, about what it would take you manually. Just pop the lid open and it automatically starts up; snug it over the valve and walk away. But not for long, because it's pretty quick.

It inflates to almost full rigidity, and it seems to barely sip batteries, so rent it out to your mates or share freely if you like. We didn't expect to love this little device, but there it is. Judge us if you will.

Hits: Tiny, lightweight, great battery life, saves effort and keeps moisture out of your pad
Misses: Don’t step on it
Price: $40

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