4 Pros Share How They Plan to Celebrate National Running Day

National Running Day inspiration sourced straight from some of the most serious and dedicated runners

When you’re a runner, every day is “running day.”

But New York Road Runners has officially declared the first Wednesday of June as National Running Day: a worldwide celebration of the sport and an opportunity for runners everywhere to declare their love and passion for a favorite pastime.

Runners are encouraged to celebrate by spreading the running bug to a friend, signing up for a race or setting new running goals. Of course, those are just a few examples of the many different ways you can celebrate.

To get an idea of how runners around the world might add to that list, we sourced inspiration from some of the most serious and dedicated runners.

We were curious about how the pros plan to celebrate, so we got in touch with our friends at TheRUN, a New York City based running-specific training studio.

Below they've shared how they plan on making the most of National Running Day and some inspiring words about why they love the sport.

We hope it will get you motivated to hit the pavement!

TheRUN Instructor Yusuf Jeffers: “I'll be celebrating by doing a strength training session in the morning and some light sprints on the same track I've practiced on back in my HS track days.” 

TheRUN Instructor Greg Nieratka: “In addition to working on my own running skills, I am in the privileged position to work with athletes of various levels every day. Getting them ready both mentally and physically for their upcoming races and seeing them achieve things they never thought were possible is extremely rewarding.”

TheRUN Instructor Billy Cowell: "Running is a release, whether running slow and long outdoors or pounding out some fast intervals at TheRUN Treadmill Studio, it is a break from everything till your workout is finished."

TheRUN Instructor John Honerkamp will wrap up his day with a National Running Day happy hour hosted by NYRR at 9 E. 89th St. in New York City. There will be free drinks and snacks from 6 to 8 p.m.

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