A Powerful Remedy for Healing Sunburn: Active Essentials

This natural plant helps heal cuts, rashes and even sunburn
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The right items in pack or pocket can make all the difference this summer. Find out what the gear experts from Active Junky recommend for all your amazing outdoor adventures.

Unless you inhabit the Amazon Basin, many of the world’s medicinal plants remain out of reach in their natural form. Active Junky’s enthused about employing ancient knowledge and living plants to make life healthier.

Our Experience: Snipping off an aloe leaf at the base and wiping the cut end on sunburn feels righteous.  Active Junky staff and family members continue to use it on stove burns and minor cuts as well as rashes.  A sweet-looking plant inhabiting arid regions, aloe is an obvious choice for an Essential; 100 percent pure aloe vera gel substitutes nicely at home or while traveling.

Others Who Agree: PREVENTION Magazine’s grown to love the plant, featuring 10 uses that include naturally removing make-up.  MindBodyGreen cites the over 75 nutrients in the Egyptian “immortality plant” as beneficial.  Few natural healing or mainstream medical sources argue against it. 

Our Recommendation: Start experimenting with the plant, purchasing a small potted aloe from a local nursery for under $10. Buy and use a high-quality lotion for more portable use this spring and summer.

Get it here: All Terrain Aloe Gel

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