Outrageous Tents

Outrageous Tents

FieldCandy Tents

Why sleep under the stars when you can sleep in them? FieldCandy makes a line of classic A-frame tents designed to stand up to strong weather conditions, are fire retardant and flex and tear tested, but most importantly, come in completely original designs that “add stylish flair to the outdoors.” Everything from a starscape to the “Worlds Smallest Pub” design, you are sure to find a unique design to fit your style.
Buy it at FieldCandy for £295


This all-in-one patent pending design combines a rain jacket with an integrated tent, sleeping bag and mosquito netting. From the bottom of the jacket you pull down the waterproof sleeping bag to cover your legs, then the tent comes out of the upper back of the jacket and goes overhead, and you are set for a weather resistant outdoor snooze.
Buy it at JakPak for $199.99

NEMO Switch

There’s no need to sleep on the ground with versatile tent. It works as three different outdoor necessities including a solo ground tent, a bug net, and an indoor/outdoor shelter for sleeping on a cot. The extension for cot sleeping is great for staying dry and keeping your shelter up off the ground.
Buy it at NEMO for $299.95

Tepui Tents

Tepui Tents makes a series of roof top tents that easily mount directly to the roof rack of a car and can be fully set up in minutes. Ranging in size and style, camping can reach new heights, with the climb up a ladder. Protect yourself from the weather and wilds of the wilderness and check out the views from on top of your car.
Buy them at Tepui Tents from $745-$1,850

Tenstile Tents

Create a quick tree house anywhere you go with Tenstile tents. Attach the corner’s to different trees, or attach more tents to create a suspended super-camp. These tents are a fun and unique sleeping experience to bring you closer to the natural surroundings
Buy them at Tenstile Tents from $599-$749.


Sick of assembling and keeping track of multiple pieces to pitch a tent? HEIMPLANET has created an inflatable tent called “The Cave”. As you inflate, the inner tent, fly sheet, and inflatable frame work together to set up the tent for you. The tent has enough ground area for 3 people and gear with a gear loft in the inner tent roof.
Buy it at HEIMPLANET for £549


The Bikamper is a one-person shelter/tent that uses the front wheel of a bike to replace tent poles. The tent and fly pack fold into an easy pack that is attachable to front handlebars. It has a full tub floor and is made from taffeta nylon with PU coating, seam sealed in order to keep moisture out.
Find a dealer at Topeak.com

Gigwam Tents

Gigwam wants to create communities with their new tunnel tent systems. Continue to attach tunnels and tents to create as large of a tent system as you would like. While the tents are not ideal for extreme outdoors, they are meant for bringing people together at festivals and outdoor events.
Buy one at Gigwam for £129.99.

BubbleTree Tents

Ever wonder what it would be like to sleep in a life-size snow globe? BubbleTree is home to a number of different outdoor bubble sleeping arrangements. Their website offers a different locations where you can rent a bubble and be directly surrounded by nature. All that separates you is a clear bubble wall.
Rent a bubble at BubbleTree.fr or buy your own on Amazon for $1,299