Olympic Videos: Relive these 15 weird/awesome/hilarious GIF moments

Staff Writer
The Olympics are SO over. But you won't want to forget these....

Mr. Bean gets bored playing the keyboard during the Opening Ceremony. Via Buzzfeed.

McKayla Maroney nails the vault in the women's team final scoring a 16.233, the highest score awarded to any woman gymnast in these Olympics. Via Cadfael.

A blazing fast table tennis match...and these guys aren't even Chinese. Via Buzzfeed.

Matthias Steiner dropped 196kg (that's 431 pounds!) on his head. He abandoned competition but wasn't seriously hurt. Via SB Nation.

German diver Stephan Feck had one of the worst 3m dives ever (his score: 0). Via Cadfael.

Nic Batum tries to steal the "ball" from Juan Carlos Navarro. Via Buzzfeed.

One of many scary synchro swimmers. Via Cadfael.

In one of the men's BMX qualifying heats, everyone but New Zealander Marc Willers (in black) crashed, virtually handing him the win. Via Cadfael

In the men's 20k race walk, defending gold medalist Valeriy Borchin collapsed into a fence two kilometers from the finish. Via Cadfael.

Fencing? Or The Matrix? You decide. Via Cadfael.

China's Liu Xiang injured himself in the 110m high hurdles. Rather than quit the race, he hopped it, pausing only to kiss the final hurdle. Via Buzzfeed.

Water polo once again proves to be a vicious sport, as these women pull a competitor underwater and hold her there. Via Cadfael.

Four-time Olympic triathlete Simon Whitfield (front, Canada) crashes out of the men's triathlon. His Costa Rican counterpart (rear) would go on to finish the race, and reach out to Whitfield on Facebook. Via Cadfael.

An Olympic volunteer caught doing the maracarena-swim dance. Via Cadfael.

Felix Sanchez (Dominican Republic) bawled during the medal ceremony for the 400m hurdles, which he won in an upset victory. Via Cadfael.