Olympian Harassed on Twitter

Swimmer gets nasty comments about her looks
Staff Writer

Two-time Olympic swimming gold medalist Rebecca Adlington is not only one of Britain’s celebrity athletes—she’s a bit of a Twitter celebrity, too, boasting more than 50,000 followers, to whom she tweets her training details and personal life. But during the 2012 summer Olympic games, her feed will go silent.

Why? Because she’s being harassed by other Twitter users—about her looks.

“Even if there are 10 nice comments, you get one idiot,” she told the Associated Press. “I can’t help the way that I look…but that has nothing to do with my swimming.” And during the Olympic games, "you don't want that added stress."

Adlington Tweet

Adlington responds to one ill-wisher


The 23-year-old will resume Tweeting once the games are over. “I would never stop using Twitter…I love interacting with my lovely followers!”

You can follow Adlington @BeckAdlington.