Old Man River Mississippi Adventure, Episode 3

After taking a beating in the previous two episodes, the team gets their York boat some much-needed repairs

From Day 22 to Day 36, fortune starrts to smile on this intreptd team of resilient river rats. The expedition disembarks on the shores of a well-regarded boat building shop. Larson Boats gives Annie the repairs she needs, and suddenly completing the expedition seems to still be possible.

The team faces an eight-mile portage for which they’ll need a police escort. They row past the first nuclear power plant on the river before entering a series of 31 locks and dams to reach the Twin Cities. From here south, the river is transformed into a major navigation route. The team faces the challenges of rowing and sailing through a major wind storm before finally reaching the State of Wisconsin.


Interested in seeing more? See the Q&A with expedition leader Brett Rogers, or check out the slideshow of photographs from the expedition, courtesy of Kyle Jeffries.

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