Offset Workday Stress by Bike Commuting

New research says bike commuters are 40 percent less likely to be stressed out

From your work life to personal life, there are no shortage of things that are bound to stress you out on a daily basis. Luckily there are productive ways of dealing with that stress. Breathing exercises can reduce stress, work outs can reduce stress and, as it turns out, bike commuting can reduce stress—that is according to  Neema Moraveji, co-founder of Spire, a wearable device that works with your smartphone to measure stress, and head of Stanford University’s Calming Technology Lab.

According to Moraveji, those who commuted by bike were 40 percent less likely to be stressed out during their commute and for a while after, compared with those who simply took public transit. These findings are based on data gathered from 1,000 spire users who commuted by bike 20,000 times.

In addition to helping workers remain calm during their commute and into the workday, Moraveji also found that bike commuting promoted calm feelings and an easier transition at home. He spoke to about the home-life benefits of bike commuting.

BK It’s particularly interesting to see that many people don’t transition back into the home after a long day of work very well. By biking to work we know that the physical nature of cycling and physical exertion will engender a more calm and focused state of mind. So while being good for us physically, we also see lots of psychological and emotional benefits.

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