coronavirus taxi tips

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Rideshare and Taxi Coronavirus Safety Tips

The CDC has issued guidelines for commuting via passenger vehicle
coronavirus taxi tips

Mario Tama/Getty Images

As stay-at-home orders ease and people head back to the office, the CDC has recommended new precautions for commuters, including those using public transportation such as trains and buses as well as people who travel via taxi or use rideshare services like Uber or Lyft.

Coronavirus Social Distancing: States Where It’s Easiest and Hardest

According to the CDC, if you're commuting by taxi or rideshare, you should wash your hands or use hand sanitizer both before your ride and after you arrive at your destination. You should also avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth; cover your coughs and sneezes; stay 6 feet apart from others; and wear a face mask properly.

Furthermore, avoid contact with surfaces frequently touched by other passengers or drivers, such as the door frame and handles, windows and other vehicle parts. Don’t accept complimentary water bottles or touch magazines and other items that may be provided for free to passengers. Use touchless payment when available.

Limit the number of passengers in the vehicle to only those necessary and refrain from taking pooled rides or rides where multiple passengers are picked up who are not in the same household.

If the vehicle is large enough, sit in the back seat to maintain 6 feet from the driver, and to improve ventilation, ask to open the windows. You could also suggest that the driver set the AC or air ventilation on non-recirculation mode.


And of course, if you don’t need to travel, stay home. Life is much different in the aftermath of COVID-19, but following proper safety guidelines has helped slow its spread immensely. According to a recent study, this is how many lives social distancing measures have saved.