This Under-the-Radar Smart Home Product Could Save Your Family

This is much more than your old-fashioned security camera
This Under-the-Radar Smart Home Product Could Save Your Family


Danielle Fox -- Security cameras have come a long way from the grainy, black-and-white footage of yesteryear. Modern cameras can allow you to track exactly who visits your home, talk to them in real time, and receive alerts to your phone throughout the day. Any one of these advancements could be the factor that protects your home and family from tragedy and disaster.

Nest has become one of the leading brands for smart home devices, so BestReviews tried out all of their security camera models. Our top choice was the Nest Cam IQ, a Wi-Fi-enabled smart security camera that connects to an app on your phone, allowing you to receive alerts, interact with visitors, and stream footage. The camera is adjustable along three axes and has infrared, night vision, and optical zoom that delivers super-clear footage.

Through the app, you can watch 24/7 live video and review the last three hours of footage. The camera offers a 130-degree view in 1080p HD, and the system has a two-way intercom that allows you to talk with whomever is at your door. It can distinguish between the activity of a squirrel and an approaching person and will automatically zoom in on an intruder.

This security camera is packed with special features that make it stand out among competitors. It’s smart enough to notify you when it sees a family member versus when it sees a stranger. You can highlight activity zones that you want extra focus on and receive alerts whenever activity occurs in those zones. You can also watch and review up to 30 days of video history in the cloud. The system has a weatherproof IP66 rating and tamper-resistant design, so you’ll know you can depend on it and rest a little easier at night.

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