Is This the Most Ridiculous Piece of Fitness Equipment Ever?

The only thing you’ll be punching is yourself

Today in fitness equipment you definitely don’t need: a $175,000 Louis Vuitton punching bag designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

According to the fashion and lifestyle website HYPEBEAST, the luxury brand recently sought out a slew of artists to design an assortment of “lifestyle” goods with a reinterpretation of their iconic logo. (Or, in simpler terms, they wrapped a bunch of stuff in leather with their logo printed on it and called it “art.”)  

Anyway, somehow that lifestyle category ended up including a punching bag. You know, for people like Beyoncé (or so we imagine) who need couture for every aspect of their fierce workout… even the gym equipment.

Think channeling your inner diva with a fancy, fashionable (and totally un-frugal) punching bag might inspire you to work out more? If so, then you better act fast. LV only plans to produce 25 of these bad boys.

But don’t worry, you’re investment will probably (and by probably we mean definitely not) be worth it since the bag comes with a trunk that doubles as travel closet (totally practical) and among other accessories, matching boxing gloves.

One HYPEBEAST commenter pointed out what that "travel closet" will really come in handy for, though.

“The case gonna be used as a coffin for the homies that beat themselves to death for dropping 175k on a punching bag.”

Well said.

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