Man Runs Sub-5-Minute Beer Mile, Breaks World Record

Watch James Nielsen break the Beer Mile world record
Youtube/James Nielsen

In 2012 elite runner Nick Symmonds broke the U.S. Beer Mile record with a time of 5:19.

This week, California Runners founder and former UC San Diego runner James Nielsen demolished that record and then some by completing the legendary challenge in under five minutes. Although he hasn't been added to the official list yet, his time of 4:57 also earns him the Beer Mile world record title.

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In his vlog type account of the experience, Nielsen explains how he painstakingly trained for the task at hand. Not only did he have to work on improving his speed on the track, but he taught his body how to down a beer in just five seconds time.

“I have spent an excessive amount of time training my stomach to expand to be able to intake the massive amounts of carbon dioxide that I’m about to put into it," he says.

His best words of advice: don't attempt this at home (unless you're 21 or older) and if you do set out to run a beer mile make sure you have a designated driver!


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