Man Pedals Car from Memphis to Miami

British adventurer Dave Cornthwaite wraps up another unlikely expedition

Dave Cornthwaite recently succeeded in piloting a pedal-powered four-wheeler 1,000 miles over 27 days. The cheerful Brit averaged 40 miles a day and was nearly killed midway through his mission when he was run off the road by a (real) car, but he came away unscathed. He safely made it to Miami from Memphis in one piece, and documented the journey on his YouTube channel.

For some, this sort of adventure would be the trip of a lifetime, but last week’s arrival in Miami marks the completion of Cornthwaite’s sixth such 1,000-mile expedition.

His goal is to complete 25 non-motorized journeys—all part of an ambitious compilation of 1,000-mile missions that he’s calling Expedition1000. His previous exploits include skateboarding the width of Australia, standup paddling the length of the Mississippi and riding a tandem bicycle from Vancouver to Vegas.

The project, once completed, will take Cornthwaite across three oceans and to every continent.

Cornthwaite has broken several records along the way, but says his larger goal through Expedition1000 is to raise 1M Euro for charity. Cornthwaite has parlayed his experiences into a book (with two more on the way) and helps support his nomadic lifestyle with motivational speaking gigs.

To follow Cornthwaite’s progress, subscribe to his Twitter updates or find him on Facebook. His next mission—swimming down 1,000 miles of the Missouri River —is scheduled to start in August.

Via The Adventure Blog.