Caroline Schiff/DigitalVision via Getty Images

Roller Skates Make a Coronavirus Comeback

This retro activity is back in style

Caroline Schiff/DigitalVision via Getty Images

During the coronavirus pandemic, people were socially distancing and unable to go to gyms to exercise or stay active, so they took other measures to get moving. For some people, it may have been a home workout routinefree online workout classes or going for runs outside. But for many others, roller skating has been the trendy activity. 

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Although roller skating can be done outside, it is also often an indoor activity that is done in skating rinks across the country. But according to Google trends, roller skates were one of the retail categories that people had been searching for the most amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

There are some specific roller skating brands that are being searched more than others according to trends, but the common thread is that these brands make outdoor roller skates.

Roller skating, a retro activity from summers past, provides a great cardio workout that involves all of your body’s muscles and can be a fun alternative to running outside. 


Roller skates are just one of the top things that Americans have been shopping for during the coronavirus pandemic.