It’s a Beer. It’s a Sports Drink. It’s…Both?

New “recovery ale” may hit stores this summer

It’s the combination nobody asked for: a beer that’s also a sports drink.

Canadian beverage company Vampt hopes to begin shipment of its new Lean Machine brand of “recovery ale” this summer. The so-called “fit beer” is supposedly loaded up with electrolytes, 7 grams of protein and antioxidants, while only containing 77 calories and 0.5 percent alcohol by volume.

As it turns out, the idea of using beer to recover from a workout isn’t so crazy. As we previously reported, beer—and wheat beer especially—contains compounds called polyphenols, which can reduce inflammation.

Of course that doesn’t mean getting tanked after a race is medically sound. Not only does alcohol dehydrate; excessive drinking can impair protein synthesis, according to a recent study in the journal PLoS One. So much for building muscle.

Lean Machine’s low alcohol content may solve these problems, but it raises another issue: who wants to drink this thing?

“We just thought that maybe we could do something that would support a drinker, make it still socially fun, and help them accomplish what needs to be accomplished after an aggressive workout,” Vampt founder Ian Toews told NPR.

Via NPR.