This Infographic Shows Why You Need More Sleep

Sleep deprivation is severely hurting your mental and physical health
flickr/Jacob Botter

We’ve discussed time and time again how important a good night’s sleep really is. It can be difficult, getting the quality 7-9 hours recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. Whether it be a bright screen, or too many commitments, getting to bed at a decent hour sometimes seems impossible.

And beyond just getting the recommended hours, having a quality sleep can be difficult too. Skipping out on quality sleep has proven to increase risks for diseases, weight gain, and a decrease in energy. Embracing a healthier lifestyle starts with your sleeping habits. The health benefits seem endless, and this infographic published by explains it all.

From a lack of focus, to an increase in anger and brain damage, this handy infographic shows just how important it is to your mental stability to catch those Zs. 

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