How often wash bedding

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How Often Should You Wash Bedding?

Make sure your bed is ready for bedtime
How often wash bedding

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Getting out of bed in the morning can be a herculean task some days. Staying on top of properly cleaning your bed can be just as trying. 

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But here’s the reality: In just a week after washing, a pillowcase accrues over 17,400 times more bacteria per square inch than what you can find on your toilet seat. Three weeks later, that pillow is now about 40 times more germ-infested than your pet’s bowl. Disgusted? Rightfully so. Bad things happen when you don’t get enough sleep and good things happen when you do. You can rest easy knowing your bed and bedding is fresh by following this cleaning routine.


Pillowcases are on the frontlines when it comes to bedtime germs and bacterias. Launder weekly to clear them of all the ick produced in your sleep. 

Every other week

Wash bedsheets once every other week. However, if you struggle with excessive night sweats, wash weekly with your pillowcase. 


Bedspreads, comforters, duvet covers and other additional blankets all require laundry upkeep too. Recommendations may differ based on fabric and manufacturer’s care guidelines, but a general tip is to wash these once a month. Anyone sleeping without a top sheet, plus allergy sufferers, may want to up their number of monthly washes.

Every 3 months

Mattress pads should be cleaned once every three months. Cotton, vinyl-backed or down mattress pads can all be washed by machine. However, keep the cycle extra gentle for down mattress pads. 

Every 6 months

To keep prized pillows fresh and clean, wash and dry on low heat twice a year. Then, take the time every six months to correct a common cleaning mistake: forgetting to wash your mattress. Vacuuming is the easiest way to clean a mattress. To remove odors and stains, sprinkle baking soda over the mattress first and let sit for an hour. Vacuum up the excess and clean leftover stains with a dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide solution. 


With the bed and bedding washed and clean, you may now rest your head and dream of enchanting castles and swaths of clear blue water. When you wake up wearing the same years-old T-shirt and plaid pants, remember pajamas should be washed every three wears. You can hold off to every four wears if you prefer a nighttime shower over one in the morning. Now that you know how often to clean your bed and bedding, find out how often to wash your jeans and everything else in your life.